BACKDROP is a pair of fonts with dimension. The graceful caps of the Regular font lean back. The Shadow font suggests 3-dimensional letters. Use them separately or layered together in different colors or patterns. Inspired by a pair of analog fonts, Erebus and Hades, from the 1892 Central & Boston Type Catalog.

MICROFILM is a special effects font with a strong dot screen texture, a mix of past and future. It resembles a bold sans serif font that’s somewhat out of focus.

It is after the apocalypse. All that was shiny and new is scratched and broken. The future has passed. This is a world of PROLE. Sleek lines and modern shapes now bear the evidence of deterioration. What will be your message?

POLYBOY is a strong and stylish set of geometric fonts with roots in 1970s design. The set of 5 POLYBOY fonts includes 3 weights (Regular, Demi, and Ultra) and 2 striped variations (Inline and Double Line.) Most letters appear in 3 forms—lining caps, descending caps, and swash caps—taking your design from day to evening and beyond.

CAROUSEL MONOGRAMS may be my fanciest monogram font yet. With elaborately intertwined swashes and flourishes, a single letter can make a strong statement. The font includes large ornate letters in the A-Z positions, and smaller, less fancy letters in the a-z positions. Mix and match to suit your custom monogram needs. The letterforms were inspired by the analog font Masquerade designed in 1977 by Martin Wait (1942-2012).

ROAD RASH is bold font with aspects of a cursive. The strong incline suggests forward movement; the contrast of thick and thin strokes gives it a distinctive style. Alternate letterforms allow more customization.

PYRAMID MONOGRAMS is a set of 3 fonts that lets you make custom 3-letter monograms in a bold and distinctive style featuring diamonds and triangles. The set includes Solid and Outline fonts and 2 mixed fonts. Each font has a choice of decorative frames and other elements you can use to further customize your monograms.

CLEAN TITLE is a bold and crisp titling font. It was inspired by the classic font Copperplate Gothic, originally designed by Frederic W. Goudy in 1901. I have completely withdrawn the letterforms, now with tiny Latin serifs and a complete lowercase for greater flexibility. There’s also a companion Outline font for more variety.

LYRIC TENOR is a condensed font with the contrasting strokes and unbracketed serifs of a Didone or modern font. And it has a graceful and elegant matching italic that can be used together or separately. LYRIC TENOR was inspired by an example of an analog font simply called Tenor that apparently existed as an italic only.

PASTA FAZOOL is a fun, bold, and bouncy font. With lots of alternate characters, PASTA FAZOOL works well in all caps, all lowercase, or mixed. There are two versions of the font; PASTA FAZOOL EXTRA has even more letters that fit in and around the others, as in the top lines of the graphic. These fonts were inspired by the hand-lettered titles of the 1966 Italian film, “The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t,” with an animated title sequence by Emanuele Luzzati.

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