UPTOWNE, DOWNTOWNE, and MIDTOWNE MONOGRAMS are 3 fonts designed to create custom monograms in a unique narrow and spiky style. Inspired by 1940s elegance, you can choose to make 2- or 3-letter monograms along a diagonal or straight across. A choice of bars at the top can link your monogram visually.

ABBEY MONOGRAMS combine stately initials with graceful decoration. Inspired by vintage typography, each letter is crisply drawn and richly detailed, perfect for display at any size in any medium. Each font includes illuminated caps in the uppercase positions and plain, inline or outline caps in the lowercase positions. And you can mix and match the fonts for more variety. Very simple to use: just type!

CAROUSEL MONOGRAMS may be my fanciest monogram font yet. With elaborately intertwined swashes and flourishes, a single letter can make a strong statement. The font includes large ornate letters in the A-Z positions, and smaller, less fancy letters in the a-z positions. Mix and match to suit your custom monogram needs. The letterforms were inspired by the analog font Masquerade designed in 1977 by Martin Wait (1942-2012).

PYRAMID MONOGRAMS is a set of 3 fonts that lets you make custom 3-letter monograms in a bold and distinctive style featuring diamonds and triangles. The set includes Solid and Outline fonts and 2 mixed fonts. Each font has a choice of decorative frames and other elements you can use to further customize your monograms.

DIPLOMA MONOGRAMS are a unique style of letters that looks like folded ribbons. With the simplicity of a bookmark and the formal elegance of an official seal, this set of 3 fonts lets you make distinctive custom monograms of 1-4 letters. The possibilities include White, Black, and Cameo, a striking mix of contrasts. And each font includes the letters with and without shading, your choice depending on the scale and medium of your project.

GOTHIC VINE MONOGRAMS® lets you make custom monograms in a dramatic and distinctive “Old English” style. Solid and Outline fonts, plus mixes and decorative elements, give you great flexibility in creating your 1-, 2-, or 3-letter monograms.

DIVINITY ROSE MONOGRAMS is a set of 4 fonts that produce monograms in a delicate and graceful style studded with dainty roses.  A choice of solid or open letters and an assortment of coordinated decorations allow even more flexibility in creating your own custom monograms. Inspired by the work of Ross F. George, circa 1935.

A new branch of the popular Vine Monograms® family, Nouveau Vine Monograms® bring the beautiful, organic curves of Art Nouveau to any custom monogram. While inspired by classic designs of the Art Nouveau period, these initials are all new and available in several styles—Solid, Outline, Inline, and Engraved—that can be mixed and matched for more effects. A choice of optional frames completes the look.

LIBRARY MONOGRAMS gives your custom monogram the warm, cozy feeling of old leather-bound books with gold-stamped titles and marbled endpapers. Inspired by lettering by the architect Robert Louis Trudeau, each monogram is neatly contained within its own cartouche, with Black or White letters, and finished with your choice of endpieces. There are even some alternate letterforms for more fun. Trudeau’s original lettering for the Albany Law School campus is reminiscent of the style called “Collegiate Gothic,” drawing upon forms from history for their beauty and gravity.

THORNHILL MONOGRAMS is a pair of fonts designed to create custom monograms in a classy retro style. Contained within a horizontal diamond shape, you have the choice of black letters on white or white on black, with or without decorative borders to enclose your monogram. Inspired by Cary Grant’s character’s monogram in Hitchcock’s 1959 classic “North by Northwest.”  The R·O·T monogram appears on book matches and a handkerchief, indicating Roger O Thornhill’s class and style. When asked what the O stands for, Thornhill replies “nothing.” Perhaps a film buff with a 2-letter monogram would also use the O.

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