BLOCKOGRAMS is a set of five fonts for easily creating unique 3-letter cube-shaped monograms. The animation above shows the combinations of white and black faces contained in the set of fonts.

CARMEN MONOGRAMS is a set of three fonts for creating 2- and 3-letter monograms with black or white backgrounds in this curvy Art Nouveau style called “Carmen” or “Edelgotisch.” One font makes monograms with white backgrounds of 2 or 3 letters; 2 other fonts are for the black background monograms. You can also choose to put a border your monogram.

The seventh in my series of monograms fonts, SNOWFLAKE MONOGRAMS is a set of four fonts for creating intricate snowflake-style monograms. Use any combination of 1, 2, or 3 letters to customize thousands of unique designs. With different colors, the monograms can look like flowers or abstract kaleidoscopic designs. The complete set includes four fonts that let you create monograms with black letters on a white background (first column above), white on black (column 2), and two mixed fonts for more choice (columns 3, 4.) As with all my monogram fonts, you can use this font in any application with… continued

The sixth in my series of monograms fonts, ENTWINED MONOGRAMS is designed to make 2-letter monograms this unique decorative style. Inspired by an example of c. 1903 lettering by J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig, as reproduced in Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets (Dover, 1984). Characteristic of art of that period, the letters are fanciful and biomorphic. Each monogram is composed of a wide letter and a tall letter. The wide letters often take the lowercase form and the tall letters, the uppercase, helping to avoid excessive collision. There is an optional frame and two choices for each letter… continued

The fifth in the expanding series of Harold’s Monograms fonts, this set lets you make 1-, 2-, and 3-letter monograms within a shield shape. You can choose a black or white background, a decorative frame, and then type the letters you choose.

The fourth set of my popular monograms fonts, this one lets you make 2-letter monograms in the angular, intersecting “college team” style. The set of four fonts includes all solid, all outlines, and two mixtures, as seen in the third and fourth columns above. The are 8 different frames you can use, too.

The third set of my monograms fonts, this one includes 4 fonts to produce 2-letter hexagonal and 3-letter octagonal monograms. Separate fonts in each shape let you create monograms with either a white or black background. You can choose to use the frame or not with any monogram. Both shapes include 2 other frame shapes; the octagonal monograms offer the added possibility of 1-letter and “A&B” style monograms.

These fonts lets you easily type 1-, 2-, and 3-letter script monograms–with and without a variety of decorative frames–in most any program. Each font includes all 26 letters in all three positions, plus & in the middle.

HAROLD’S MONOGRAMS is my original set of oval and diamond shape fonts which allow you to easily create attractive custom monograms in almost any program. Any letter combination Black or white background 2- or 3-letter style 1-letter and “A&B” style monograms With or without decorative outside ring Separate regular and bold fonts in each style Three-letter style fonts include 26 caps and a blank in all 3 positions, plus “&” in the center and a ring option. Two-letter style fonts include 26 caps and a blank in both positions and a ring option.

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