Celtic Knot Monograms is a set of 4 fonts that let you create custom monograms with a beautiful continuous line design known as a Celtic knot. The letters, adapted from my Roosevelt font, are entwined within the knot.

ART DECO MONOGRAMS combines elegant geometry, the intricacy of metal work, and a touch of musical flair. Create your own custom 3-letter monograms, with or without decorative frames. (If you prefer this style in a regular text font with upper and lowercase, please check out my True Confession font.)

EGYPTIAN MONOGRAMS is a set of 4 unique fonts that allows you to create custom monograms in a distinctive Egyptian Revival style. Your monograms can include any number of letters within ornamental cartouche frames; other options include vertical or horizontal format, inlines or solid, and a selection of hieroglyphic ornaments.

FILIGREE MONOGRAMS is a unique font for creating fancy custom monograms with the look of delicate wire, embroidery or calligraphy. You can make 1-, 2-, or 3-letter monograms within a choice of decorative frames. Inspired by 18th-century examples, as were my text fonts Graceful Ghost and Sweet Spirit

Olden Rings is a set of 4 fonts to make custom 2-letter monograms in a unique interlocking ring design with the style of antique metalwork and calligraphy, perfect for weddings.

Unique fonts that allow you to create custom 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-letter monograms in a distinctive script style with a choice of decorative frames.

Set of 4 fonts to create monograms of 2, 3, 4 or more letters that look like hand-embroidered samplers, with a choice of styles and extras.

A unique font to create custom monograms in a professional sports style with your choice of decorative shields.

A unique font to make custom 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-letter monograms in a Western woodtype style with optional stars and stripes decorations.

This unique font allow you to create 1- and 3-letter monograms in a graceful curvy style with a choice of decorative accents. The letters are designed to touch each other and/or the frames for applications where this is desirable.

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