TWINE SCRIPT is a bold and stylish cursive font with a unique feature: “split ends” that give it a light and energetic twinkle! TWINE SCRIPT was inspired by examples in a 1930s Speedball lettering guide by Ross F. George who inspired so many people’s love of lettering.

BEAUCHAMP is a script style font with energy and elegance. Inspired by vintage French showcard lettering of the 1940s, BEAUCHAMP is crisp and legible with a lot of unpredictable character. My friend Jeff Levine started this and turned it over to me for completion.

RUSTIC FOLLY is a curious font: eccentric letterforms and a bumpy texture give it the feel of artistic hand lettering. RUSTIC FOLLY was inspired by an early 20th-century typeface called “Chaucer.”

DEAR JUDY is a fun font with flair. This unicase font has its roots in 1960s design: quirky, bouncy serifed letterforms, all caps with cap-sized lowercase versions of some letters (AEMNR). Extra curls on some alternates too! DEAR JUDY was inspired by a hand-lettered paperback cover from 1963 called “Cover Girl Nurse.”

ROYALITY is a fresh and elegant cursive font. With sharp edges and a light weight, ROYALITY feels like beautiful pen-drawn calligraphy you might find on a modern royal invitation. ROYALITY is one of a series of four vertical script fonts, including Scarlet Ribbons, Famous Label and Easter Parade, as seen in the Script Font Identification Guide. It was inspired by an example frkm 1946 and was released in an earlier form as “Roselyn,” named for my mother.

UPTOWNE, DOWNTOWNE, and MIDTOWNE MONOGRAMS are 3 fonts designed to create custom monograms in a unique narrow and spiky style. Inspired by 1940s elegance, you can choose to make 2- or 3-letter monograms along a diagonal or straight across. A choice of bars at the top can link your monogram visually.

ABBEY MONOGRAMS combine stately initials with graceful decoration. Inspired by vintage typography, each letter is crisply drawn and richly detailed, perfect for display at any size in any medium. Each font includes illuminated caps in the uppercase positions and plain, inline or outline caps in the lowercase positions. And you can mix and match the fonts for more variety. Very simple to use: just type!

YANKEE GRAVE is rustic and quirky, with potential effects ranging from historic to horrific. YANKEE GRAVE was inspired by the engraved inscriptions on a number of gravestones in northern Connecticut, circa 1700. The carver used a mix of upper- and lowercase forms; each letter in my fonts has at least two forms as shown for a more hand-carved look. And there are other old-time goodies to give your work 300-year-old style. The Regular font has smooth outlines, the Rough has extra texture.

FUTURE PERFECT is a fun and bouncy font. This bit of retro futurism was inspired by an analog font reproduced in a book. I was attracted to its relatively condensed form; so many similar display fonts are limited by their width. Future Perfect is a grammatical tense, but it makes me think of time of the Space Needle and The Jetsons when the future just seemed full of big bright possibilities. The names here are the 2025 hurricanes; by 2026, we will have experienced one or more of them.

KECHAPPU is a bold font with squarish letters, monoweight strokes, and some unusual features that compare to modern Asian typographic styles. The fusion of East and West produces tasty results. For example, ketchup, that all-American food, began as a Malay (or maybe Chinese) sauce and word; kechappu is the Japanese translation. Kechappu was inspired by the print advertising for the 1959 film noir, The Crimson Kimono.

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