Wireframe_cubeWIREFRAME was inspired by the “lost” Letraset font BOMBERE, designed by Carla Bombere.

Like BLOCKED, Bombere apparently did not make the transition from dry-transfer (rub-down) letters into digital type.

Rather than draw this font directly from Bombere, I started again, studying what made it work. I used the basic letterforms of the classic Franklin Gothic, refashioning the G, the 1, and some others. But Franklin Gothic would still make a good companion font.

This font uses the principle of the Necker cube, creating a neat visual ambiguity. “A drawing of a wire cube…which spontaneously reverses in depth…was first described by…L. A. Necker…in 1832.” (Oxford Companion to the Mind, R.L.Gregory, editor)

Includes caps, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.