Salmagundi_imgSALMAGUNDI is a quirky font, a tasty melange of various typestyles, tossed together for homemade flavor.

SALMAGUNDI was inspired by the sign on the left, on the bus line between Oakland and Berkeley. After staring at it every day, intrigued by the earnest signmaker’s combination of various fonts and his own imagination, I had to get a picture of it and later expand it to a full font.

The Regular is very clean. I’ve also made Chewy and Crispy varieties for those who like some texture.

I should have named this after a Mexican dish, but they’d all been used for font names so I went with SALMAGUNDI.

Includes caps, some alternates in the lowercase positions, numbers, punctuation and international characters

Salmagundi_anim Salmagundi_chewy Salmagundi_crispy