Rudland Hand

RudlandHand_imgRUDLAND HAND is a calligraphic font, inspired by the work of the British artist and designer Peter Rudland. As explained in his book From Scribble to Script (John De Graff, 1956) Rudland was an advocate of this style of script–italic hand–as a way to improve one’s handwriting. So although it may seem like ornamental calligraphy, Rudland intended that ordinary people would develop this beautiful, flowing, pen lettering. You could use the font as a resource for practicing your own script or, if your handwriting is as hopeless as mine, a convenient substitute.

I’ve created two fonts, one with the fancier caps and some lowercase (fqz) Rudland offered as alternates.

Each font include caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.