QUINCE is a brush script with a different attitude. The basic letterforms were inspired by Murray Hill (Emil J. Klumpp, 1956). I’ve completely redrawn the letterforms with a rough “art brush” to produce an expressive, painterly line, rather than a pen line. Could be crayon, lipstick, of graffiti. More “Bratz®” than “Barbie®”.

Includes upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

Although Linotype says Murray Hill was named for a “small town in New Jersey”, I’m certain it was named for the Manhattan neighborhood of the same name (as was the NJ town.) To me, the original Murray Hill font suggests the lively elegance of 50s-60s glossy magazines and department stores.

You may pronounce the name of this font in the English way /kwintz/, but I was actually thinking of the Latin-American Quinceañera (shortened to Quince /KEEN-say/) a young woman’s special 15th-birthday celebration.