Pessima / White Birch

Pessima_bodyPESSIMA combines elegance and corrosion. It was inspired by the opening titles of the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 1978 version, my favorite, directed by Philip Kaufman, titles by Pacific Title). It appears to be a corroded, bold version of Optima*, Hermann Zapf’s classic “serifless roman” from 1958. In the film, the corrosion varies from letter to letter and cleverly suggests the biologic horror to come.

Pessima_whiteBirchAnimThis is not the original Optima* of gentle curves, but my jagged re-drawing of it. Despite the battering, the overall shapes are still somewhat recognizable. My font is more striated, less randomly roughened than the film titles. Reversed, it resembled birch bark, so I made a separate font for convenience.

*Optima is a trademark of Linotype-Hell AG and/or its subsidiaries. The name is used here for reference only.