New England

NewEngland_movieNEW ENGLAND was inspired by the handlettered titles of the film The Devil and Daniel Webster(1941). I fell in love with this handsome script; it’s not too fancy, too stylized, or too contrasty, problems I find with too many script fonts

The film itself is excellent and the restored version is well worth watching if only for Bernard Herrmann’s score. The unusual opening credits group the names by those “in front of the camera” and “in back of the camera.” Directed by William Dieterle, Art Direction by Van Nest Polglase, Associate Art Direction by Alfred Herman.

Includes caps, lowercase, punctuation, numbers, and international characters. Seems like a good choice for team jerseys; I’ve included a final swash in the swung dash (ASCI tilde) position.

NewEngland_anim NewEngland_jersey