Maritime Flags

The MARITIME FLAGS fonts are based on the international flag code. Each flag represents a letter or number. These would be flown on board a vessel, not printed. However, the monochrome font can be used to add a decorative or nautical motif.

Maritime Flags_flags The set includes the single-color font as shown in black on this page; plus separate red, yellow, blue and black fonts. It’s not possible to make a real color TrueType or OpenType font. But you can fake it by layering separate fonts! In a program that allows layering, type your text, then change it to the Black flag font. Then copy, paste and position it directly behind the original. Change it to the other component font and assign it a different color.

Thanks to Eric Edelman, I learned more about the code and added the three substitute flags which are used when multiples are needed. Thanks to Huey Bahr’s information, I’ve added NATO numbers, storm, advisory, and other flags to version 2.0.

You can read about the Code here.

Maritime Flags_anim