JJStencil_artJJ STENCIL was inspired by the work of the great American Pop artist Jasper Johns. Perhaps best known for his flag and target series, Johns has also used the “found” look of stencils in many drawings and paintings, including “0-9” at left.

My fonts were not made directly from Johns’ work, but from scans of my own similar stencil scratchings. There are four complete fonts, each with a different treatment of the letters. The fonts are designed to be mixed or layered or both.

JJ STENCIL 3.0 now includes upper and lowercase. I finally found an appropriate lowercase stencil and have expanded all four weights in the complete versions.

Includes upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

JJStencil_anim  JJStencil_light JJStencil_medium JJStencil_solidJJStencil_wet