Harold’s Pips

HAROLD’S PIPS is a dingbat font of 52 symbols that could be used to create a special card game or in any other way you use dingbats. It was inspired by an episode of The Simpsons* in which Fat Tony’s gang play cards with a special deck only aces in extra suits such as cherries and stars. So with this font (and perhaps my Card Characters letters) you could make a deck of 52 aces!The new OpenType version of has over 130 cool and useful dingbats. In applications that support the ligatures feature, now you simply type the name of the image and it appears. Otherwise, use your character map utility or similar to view and select the pictures.

More information than necessary:

  • In The Simpsons episode #8F03, “Bart the Murderer,” the many-aced deck is used at the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. Visible are anchor, star, cherries, male, flower, Saturn, moon, and target symbols which I have incorporated in my font. I did not include a smiley face and atom as they did as those did not match the feel of the other symbols.
  • Other symbols came from historic and international playing cards and other sources. Only my own new drawings are used.
  • Besides being Gladys Knight’s singers, “pips” are the suit markings on playing cards.