Bride of the Monster

The BRIDE OF THE MONSTER fonts were first inspired by the trailer of the classic film Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

The handlettered titles strongly resemble Rudolph Koch’s NEULAND, which contains only caps. (The legendary Neuland was originally handcarved in the 1920s by Koch and remains popular under a variety of names.)

My first attempts at the lowercase were made using black paper cutouts. For design reference, I also looked at other Koch fonts like Koch Antigua (also called Locarno or Eve) and, especially, Kabel. My lowercase is “married” to Koch’s original creation, hence the name.

This font is dedicated to the artists Rudolf Koch, James Whale (talented director of Bride of Frankenstein), and Ed Wood, Jr (famously untalented director of Bride of the Monster, a wonderfully bad film.) My other Koch-inspired fonts are Koch Quadrat and Koch Rivoli.

The INLINE font joins the REGULAR and STENCIL fonts, which have themselves been refreshed. All three BRIDE fonts now have a complete Alternate version with a different a, e, and g which you may prefer.

And now there’s a matching free font of Koch’s original dingbats and alternate Ä, Ö, and Ü to blend with each of my Bride fonts.

Each font includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, numbers, and international characters.