BLOOPER and BLOOP SCRIPT were created to have the look of letters formed by puddles of shiny liquid.  The general form of each was inspired by a classic font. Blooper takes after Cooper Black (Oswald Cooper, 1921), Bloop Script after Brush Script * (Robert E. Smith, 1942).

I also made a solid version of each (without highlights) for use in layering and with effects filters.

BLOOPER 2.0 now contains upper and lowercase letters, plus numbers, punctuation, and international characters. BLOOP SCRIPT includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.



Bloop_liquidMore information:

Although I probably could have just faked it, I actually drew all the letters with glossy 3-D acrylic paint, then scanned it. The paint bottles have a definite tendency to bloop!

The term “blooper” was coined by Kermit Schaefer for “mistakes and gaffes of radio and TV announcers and personalities.”

Pop Artist Ed Ruschaa has made some interesting images of words spelled out in fluids. (OOO, 1970, at left) More about Ruscha on

Brush Script is a trademark of Esselte Letraset Limited and is used here for reference only.