ATLAS captures the bold glamour of the Art Deco period. Inspired by a classic analog font, ATLAS comes in two varieties: original with dazzling pinstripes and solid with just the one.

Since originally creating these in 2001—under the name Farouk as I’d seen it identified—I have learned much more about the original design that “goes back all the way to 1933…when it was designed by K[arl] H[ermann] Schaefer for the German type foundry Schriftguß AG… as Fatima Versalien [Versalien = uppercase]. In the same year, Fonderie Typographique Française published their version of Fatima Versalien under the name Atlas.” His grandson Stephan Schaefer has also told me it was also known “in Poland as Goplo and in Italy as Reclame. The solid version of Fatima is Capitol Versalien (Baltyk in Poland and Titan in France), which was designed in the same year as Fatima.” Stephan is looking for more information on his grandfather’s type designs that include a beautiful script known in Germany as Orchidea.

Version 1.5 includes an expanded character set, improved spacing and kerning.

Atlas_anim1 Atlas_anim2