AEOLIAN is a narrow, elegant font that was inspired by the lettering on a pipe organ manufactured by the Aeolian Company. My friend Nelson got me started with scans of the various stop labels, like the one at left, found on the amazing Longwood Gardens Aeolian organ which he has worked to restore.

I invented missing letters and numbers, then created two additional weights, Demi and Bold.

Always grateful for posts like this:
“Thanks for digitizing Aeolean for posterity. The original tradename was Façade, and it was introduced by the Boston Type Foundry in 1881.
John F. Cumming cut certain sizes, and others at BTF and Central TF cut more between 1886 c1890. BTF sold production and/or distribution rights to the Caslon Foundry, who offered it for at least ten years.
You and your friends are cordially invited to learn more about it here and here
Cheers, Anna”Aeolian_vox

Each font includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.