Shazi_tabletSHAZI was inspired by the beautiful anthropomorphic calligraphy by the Iranian artist of the same name.  The Freer Gallery in Washington, DC has a beautiful silver pen case (left) encircled by an inscription of human- and animal-headed letters, signed and dated 1210-11 A.D. Another example in the connected Sackler Gallery has similar letterfoms, but only humans.

For my adaptation, I started with my own warped version of the classic Art Nouveau font Japanet, then added the squarish faces.  I’ve used only lowercase letters because they best resembled the standing figures of the original.

The complete version of Shazi contains all lowercase letters, plus numbers, punctuation, and international characters. And there’s a companion outline font (Shazi Ghost, right, with white faces and black features) when you purchase the regular version.

Shazi_anim Shazi_ghost