Road Jester

Playful, beachy ROAD JESTER was inspired by the logo of Trader Joe’s, the offbeat grocery chain. My challenge was to carry the somewhat naive, hand-lettered style throughout the alphabet, numbers and punctuation. Then after going to Bilbao and seeing all the wonderful Basque-style typography, I added an alternate A and I for extra flavor.

More of a good thing: A stencil font for an exotic shipping crate feel!

Don’t use this font to create your own “Trader Joe’s” merchandise as that would certainly be trademark infringement. We finally got a TJ’s here in Albany. One of the things I love about them is the design of their labels, so happy to see them using at least one of my fonts.

“Road Jester” is an anagram of “Trader Joes”.

ROAD JESTER includes uppercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.