Pub Smooth / Pub Bites

PUB SMOOTH was inspired by the classic font Publicity Gothic, which was “based on the sturdy woodcut display faces of the late 19th century.” Remarkable for its fat, friendly letterforms and bumpy outline. Adobe sells a fine version and if that’s what you want, buy it from them, as I did.

In using Publicity Gothic, I realized that the bumpy outlines didn’t work well on-screen and at smaller sizes in print. So I completely redrew the font with smooth clean edges and corners. I’ve tried to remain faithful to the spirit of the original design.

Just for fun, the set now includes PUB BITES! Uppercase forms only, bitten and extra bitten in the lowercase positions.

PUB SMOOTH includes upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters. PUB BITES does not include lowercase.


Pub_anim2 Pub_spec2