ManuCrypt_imgThe MANUCRYPT fonts were inspired by an unusual example of “Olde English” (blackletter) typing. Preserving the original texture, these fonts have a look that’s much more “Haunted House” than “Wedding Announcement.” There are Regular (“Proportional”, the red screen above) and Monospace (“Fixed Width”, blue screen) fonts depending on your mood.

ManuCrypt_typewriterOnce upon a time, kids, there was the typewriter. It was like a keyboard and printer without a computer in between! That was where the typist came in, striking the keys and printing simulaneously. But you were stuck with one style and size per machine, usually Courier and always of fixed width. Then along came the IBM Selectric, which had interchangeable type elements offering a variety of styles, such as our Olde English. Some models even did “proportional spacing” which more closely resembled typeset. In the good old days, that’s what we worked with. Scaling, spell-check, and saving documents were years away. Did I mention carbon paper?

Each font includes upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.