Koch Quadrat

KOCH QUADRAT is based on the work of the great type designer Rudolf Koch (1876-1934). Among his many remarkable and long-lived font designs are Kabel (also called Cable, Geometric 231, and Boulder), Koch Antiqua (Eve, Locarno, and Lilith), Neuland (100 other names and variants, including my Bride), Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch, and many others.  Koch was a calligrapher, a pious man, a teacher, and a war veteran.  Koch Quadrat is derived from his demonstration of constructing each Roman capital.  Using simple geometric elements, Koch developed a set of seven diagrams (appearing in the center of the animation on this page) combining similar letters within a square (Quadrat). These would make fine initials and combine easily with Kabel, Koch Antiqua and others.

The free download font contains all elements of all 26 letters and Koch’s seven diagrams of overlapping letterforms at the 1-9 locations. This copyrighted font is made available for commercial and non-commercial use when downloaded from Harold’s Fonts. It is not intended to be copied, shared, sold, or reposted.