Chapeau / Corset

CHAPEAU and CORSET are a pair of figurative fonts inspired by the 1902 Sears Catalog.

The ladies’ intricate hatted portraits and corsetted figures (very “Gibson girl”) are adapted from product illustrations.

Chapeau_binnerEach is paired with a letter adapted from a particular headline font (Binner) used often in the catalog.

Each font contains illuminated caps, including international, and an ampersand.

CHAPEAU and CORSET are available as for $5. Try out the demo which contains some of each font, then pay just $5 for the pair of complete TrueType or Type 1 font for Windows or for Mac.

“Binner Poster” or simply “Binner” was designed by John F. Cummings at American Type Foundry (ATF) circa 1898. Several companies offer digital versions of the font itself including ones under other names.  Thanks to Dan and others who provided this information.

Chapeau_anim  Chapeau_Corset_anim Chapeau_Corset_spec