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Where do I pay?

Font Bros


Fonts with the Font Bros logo on their pages are now available ONLY through Font Bros. Please do not pay me directly for those; I will not be able to fill such orders.


Five Dollar Fonts

pp_cc_mark_37x23For fonts with the $5 tag, use PayPal free right now and get your fonts fast! Send money to Email me!. Specify font, platform, format when you pay. Because of the vagaries of e-mail, you may also send me an e-mail directly so I know of your payment.

For individual font sets, specify font(s), Windows or Mac, TrueType or Type 1.

Free Fonts

Fonts designated as “free” may be downloaded and used without charge. These copyrighted fonts are made available for commercial and non-commercial use when downloaded from Harold’s Fonts. They not intended to be copied, sold or reposted anywhere without express written permission. See also Terms of Use.

Use, enjoy, and let me know what you do with my fonts. Please don’t share my fonts; just send your friends to my site to download them for themselves. Thank you.