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King Harold

KING HAROLD was inspired by the embroidered lettering on the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

The Tapestry was made c.1073-83 and records King Harold’s adventures and loss at the Battle of Hastings to William the Conqueror, with a special appearance by Halley’s Comet. It measures 230 feet long (69 meters) and is one of the great examples of Romanesque art.

King Harold_tapestryAlthough armed with photographs, including some very good close-ups, I still wanted more detail to get the right feel. So I embroidered all the letters and numbers I needed, in imitation of the style of the original, and made the font from scans of my embroidery. I’ve included all the characters that appear on the Tapestry, plus those needed to fill out a modern font. (J, K, U,and Z do not appear in the original.)

At the left is the whole of the alphabet portion of my embroidery, which takes the form of a word-search puzzle containing at least 20 words related to the Tapestry. No prizes for finding them all!

The font includes at least two versions of each letter, numbers, punctuation, international characters, and a couple ligatures.

King Harold_anim King Harold_spec
Free_FlagKING HAROLD is a free download. This copyrighted font is made available for commercial and non-commercial use when downloaded from Harold’s Fonts. It is not intended to be copied, shared, sold, or reposted.

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