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Harold’s Pips

HAROLD’S PIPS is a dingbat font of 52 symbols that could be used to create a special card game or in any other way you use dingbats. It was inspired by an episode of The Simpsons* in which Fat Tony’s gang play cards with a special deck only aces in extra suits such as cherries and stars. So with this font (and perhaps my Card Characters letters) you could make a deck of 52 aces!

More information than necessary:

  • In The Simpsons episode #8F03, “Bart the Murderer,” the many-aced deck is used at the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. Visible are anchor, star, cherries, male, flower, Saturn, moon, and target symbols which I have incorporated in my font. I did not include a smiley face and atom as they did as those did not match the feel of the other symbols.
  • Other symbols came from historic and international playing cards and other sources. Only my own new drawings are used.
  • Besides being Gladys Knight’s singers, “pips” are the suit markings on playing cards.

HaroldsPips_anim HaroldsPips_spec


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