THORNHILL MONOGRAMS is a pair of fonts designed to create custom monograms in a classy retro style. Contained within a horizontal diamond shape, you have the choice of black letters on white or white on black, with or without decorative borders to enclose your monogram. Inspired by Cary Grant’s character’s monogram in Hitchcock’s 1959 classic “North by Northwest.”  The R·O·T monogram appears on book matches and a handkerchief, indicating Roger O Thornhill’s class and style. When asked what the O stands for, Thornhill replies “nothing.” Perhaps a film buff with a 2-letter monogram would also use the O.

Tablet Monograms have a bold and commanding look. Inspired by the kinds of lettering often found on old stock certificates and bank notes, Tablet Monogram come in 6 varieties including Solid, Outline, Shaded, and Shadow. It’s easy to type your own custom monogram using any combination of large and small initials and a choice of decorative elements.

Fancy and flouncy, bold and bouncy, Plush Monograms are the choice for a unique monogram  style. With roots in Art Nouveau, Plush Monograms are all curves, in six styles that you can choose to use alone or mix and match. And Plush Monograms lets you create monograms—even words—of any length.

Cascade Monograms lets you create custom 2- or 3-letter monograms in a distinctive rippled design. Inspired by examples of 19th-century penmanship exercises, the strokes and spaces give Cascade Monograms a special sparkle, suggesting twisted metal or flowing liquids. For a full-alphabet version of this style, check out Licorice Whip.

Maze Monograms lets you produce your custom monograms (or short bits of text) in a distinctive maze style. With influences like QR codes, crossword puzzles, and Kufic calligraphy, Maze Monograms make a bold graphic statement first, then become more legible as you look. Your custom Maze Monogram will be a unique design and a message. Get into it!

Mode Monograms is a set of 4 fonts to create custom monograms of any number of letters in an extra fancy, cursive style. Inspired by examples from the early 20th century (image), can also be used to set a word or two, with spaces between the letters. The set includes Solid and Outline fonts, plus 2 Mixes with combinations of both for your convenience.

Celtic Knot Monograms is a set of 4 fonts that let you create custom monograms with a beautiful continuous line design known as a Celtic knot. The letters, adapted from my Roosevelt font, are entwined within the knot.

Mikado Monograms is a set of 3 fonts you can use to create custom monograms in a distinctive and graceful style. The curvy calligraphic letterforms and decorative borders suggest both Art Nouveau and the Far East. The impulse for Western artists to find inspiration in Eastern art and design goes back to the earliest contacts, continuing through Van Gogh and the present day. Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta provides the font name and reflects the sensibility: born of fascination, a freeform appropriation with little resemblance to the original culture. These letterforms are derived from an earlier font revival of mine, Boomerang.

ART DECO MONOGRAMS combines elegant geometry, the intricacy of metal work, and a touch of musical flair. Create your own custom 3-letter monograms, with or without decorative frames. (If you prefer this style in a regular text font with upper and lowercase, please check out my True Confession font.)

EGYPTIAN MONOGRAMS is a set of 4 unique fonts that allows you to create custom monograms in a distinctive Egyptian Revival style. Your monograms can include any number of letters within ornamental cartouche frames; other options include vertical or horizontal format, inlines or solid, and a selection of hieroglyphic ornaments.

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