My first dingbat font in a long time, ALPHA BRAVO is based on the “phonetic alphabet” used on radio for clearly indicating letters. Read more about this at the International Telecommunication Union, and many other sites. For each letter-word, I’ve devised an illustrative icon, in a variety of styles and degrees of success. But you may have some fun with it, learning the “phonetic alphabet” or writing hieroglyphic code. The capital positions A-Z include the letter itself (adapted from Gill Sans Ultra); the lowercase a-z do not. Refer to the enclosed text file for more information about the individual dingbats.

ALHAMBRA was inspired by the look of Kufi (or Kufic) script, a style of Arabic calligraphy characterized by a square, angular construction. The letters are linked, like all Arabic script, but do not have the sweeping curves of Legende and other fonts used to simulate Arabic. A second font, Alhambra Deep, has a double-thick baseline. To get the feel of right-to-left script, I have created alternate characters and swashes. The Arabic alphabet does not include vowels, which are recorded as dots and other diacritical marks adjacent to the consonants. I have alluded to these in the strategic dots and accent… continued

AARDVARK CAFÉ was inspired from the famous Hard Rock Café logo. It’s a worldwide pop classic and seems to have been originally hand lettered. In rounding out the alphabet, I strove to work the little upstroke “wings” into all the caps and the swash-y descenders on the h, m and n to match the k. Includes caps, lower case (including some alternates), numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

This font is called 12 TO THE MOON, after the movie of the same name. Not sure what you would ever do with it, but I had fun making it and working with it. The movie is one of very many black-and-white 1950s sci-fi movies that would end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Three times a strange message appears on the screen on the ship, like the animation on this page. Luckily, the ship’s “astrophotographer and pharmacist” (played by Michi Kobi, left) is able to translate it. The alien language translation thing is always problematic; one could fill a… continued

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