-Art Nouveau + Curvy-

Fancy and flouncy, bold and bouncy, Plush Monograms are the choice for a unique monogram  style. With roots in Art Nouveau, Plush Monograms are all curves, in six styles that you can choose to use alone or mix and match. And Plush Monograms lets you create monograms—even words—of any length.

Tidal Wave is part “tribal”, part “groovy”, and part “Art Nouveau,” although its roots predate all those design labels. Tidal Wave has an exciting look that transcends time and geography. It was inspired by this page of lettering from J. M. Bergling’s 1923 Art “Alphabets & Lettering”. The “Grecian” label must have something to do with the squarish spirals.

Mikado Monograms is a set of 3 fonts you can use to create custom monograms in a distinctive and graceful style. The curvy calligraphic letterforms and decorative borders suggest both Art Nouveau and the Far East. The impulse for Western artists to find inspiration in Eastern art and design goes back to the earliest contacts, continuing through Van Gogh and the present day. Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta provides the font name and reflects the sensibility: born of fascination, a freeform appropriation with little resemblance to the original culture. These letterforms are derived from an earlier font revival of mine, Boomerang.

BOGO is a friendly and graceful font with an Art Nouveau feel. It was inspired by the light variant of Morris Fuller Benton’s classic Hobo that appeared in 1915 and seems not to have digitized. I completely redrew the typeface from historic examples, maintaining its curvy lines and descender-free lowercase. BOGO has a lightness and elegance that is sometimes lacking in Hobo and its many imitators.

CARMEN MONOGRAMS is a set of three fonts for creating 2- and 3-letter monograms with black or white backgrounds in this curvy Art Nouveau style called “Carmen” or “Edelgotisch.” One font makes monograms with white backgrounds of 2 or 3 letters; 2 other fonts are for the black background monograms. You can also choose to put a border your monogram.

The sixth in my series of monograms fonts, ENTWINED MONOGRAMS is designed to make 2-letter monograms this unique decorative style. Inspired by an example of c. 1903 lettering by J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig, as reproduced in Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets (Dover, 1984). Characteristic of art of that period, the letters are fanciful and biomorphic. Each monogram is composed of a wide letter and a tall letter. The wide letters often take the lowercase form and the tall letters, the uppercase, helping to avoid excessive collision. There is an optional frame and two choices for each letter… continued

The VIRILE fonts are adapted from a pair of analog Art Nouveau fonts. The name isn’t so good but that’s what it was. You can use the fonts separately or use the Solid as a fill for the Open. Each font includes caps, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

THALEIA is my digital interpretation of the analog font known as Thalia and by other names. It was commissioned for a client a while back; the exclusivity has lapsed and I’m releasing it now. Thaleia (right, spellings vary) is the muse of comedy in classical mythology. Not as wll known as her sisters Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Terpsichore (dance), but comedy never gets the respect it deserves. Font includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

ROBERTA is a digital interpretation of Bob Trogman’s delightful Art Nouveau analog original. This classic font suggests elegance and fun, exoticism and friendliness. Bob’s story: “I originally hand cut this font in 1962. It is based on a Belgian restaurant sign. I named it after my daughter Roberta. Many Mexican food companies used this font, but they didn’t know it was from Europe. Dan Solo was going to digitize it for me, but he retired from the font business last year. Just give me credit for the design and it is all yours to do what you want.” And you… continued

CARMEN CAPS is my digital interpretation of an Art Nouveau font of the same name, as illustrated in the Dan X. Solo books. The swirly backgrounds have great detail; use big as drop caps!

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