Pad Thai

PAD THAI is my attempt at a Roman alphabet font that simulates the look of Thai script. The Thai alphabet is syllabic with 44 consonants. Most of the characters include a small loop, there is only once case, diacritic marks are used to indicate vowels and tones, and spaces are not used between words. These characteristics create a striking texture that I have tried to suggest with this font.

It includes the full Roman alphabet and many alternates, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.


When using the Pad Thai font, use lots of åcçèñt márks even if you don’t need them for a more Thai texture.

There are many beautiful Thai fonts; I used a very simple one (Ayuthaya) as my model so I could see the structure of the characters better.

Pad Thai is a delicious and famous dish of noodles, chicken, tofu, peanuts, and spices.

Pad Thai_anim