Pad Thai

PAD THAI is my attempt at a Roman-alphabet font that simulates the look of Thai script. The striking texture of Thai script comes from the many small loops, the single case, and the generous application of diacritic marks. This is what I’ve tried to suggest with this font.

When using the Pad Thai font, use lots of åcçèñt márks even if you don’t need them for a more Thai texture. There are many beautiful and intricate Thai fonts; I used a very simple one (Ayuthaya) as my model so I could see the structure of the characters better. If you need to pair Pad Thai with a real Thai font, use Ayuthaya.

Pad Thai is named for the famous and delicious dish of noodles, chicken, tofu, peanuts, and spices.

Version 1.2 has an expanded character set.

Pad Thai_anim