Imitation_filmThe IMITATION fonts were originally inspired by the hand-lettered titles of the film Imitation of Life, (1959, directed by Douglas Sirk, art-directed by Richard H. Riedel.)

In response to requests. I married my lowercase IMITATION ONE to script caps inspired by ImageLine’s “Dance of the Brush” (which in turn appears to be have been inspired by the work of Charles Bluemlein) to produce IMITATION TWO.

Imitation_film2And now comes IMITATION THREE, with altogether new caps inspired by the titles of another Lana Turner/Universal soap opera Madame X (1966, directed by David Lowell Richm art directed by Alexander Golitzen and George C. Webb.) I think this is the best version of this font, which resemble the sort of loose, elegant brush script once favored by fashionable department stores.

IMITATION ONE includes lowercase only (most with alternate forms in the caps positions for a spontaneous feel), numbers, punctuation, and international characters. IMITATION TWO and THREE each include upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.


hand-pack script-pack