Frank the Architect

FRANK THE ARCHITECT was inspired the handlettering in Frank Ching’s classic (now out of print) book Architectural Graphics (1975). I had read that Adobe’s lovely, ubiquitous Tekton was also based on Ching’s lettering, but the book is more beautiful than I’d expected. In these fonts I’ve tried to evoke more of the idiosyncrasies of Ching’s original, including the texture.

FrankTheArchitect_tektonThere are regular and bold fonts, and a companion alternates font for each that includes dotted i’s and j’s and these circled numbers.

Includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.


FrankTheArchitect_altsMore information

  • Tekton is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. and is referenced here for the purpose of comparison only.
  • I started this font years ago, then set it aside, releasing only the Markerman variant. Then I really needed a convincing “architect’s hand” font for a design project and dusted this off. Looks great with Rough Draft!
  • The name of the font refers to those great Franks of architecture–Ching, Wright, Gehry–and to the disproportionate number of architects in general named Frank.