DENNEY ONE and DENNEY TWO are based on the handlettering found on a number of greeting cards produced by the Barker Greeting Card Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1969-1974. I had guessed these were the work of Paul Coker, but I have learned this style was originated by Alan Denney.

Denney One is more whimsical. The letterforms were autotraced to preserve the bumpy feel of hand lettering, and then refined. Denney Two is more dynamic. Its letterforms were drawn by point and curve.

The complete version of each font contains two forms of each letter (plus alternates), numbers, punctuation, and international characters.


Denney_book Denney_img1 Denney_img2

*Dean Norman has sent me this valuable information, for which I am most grateful:

“I found your fonts ad while researching for a book I am writing about studio cards. I worked with Paul Coker at Hallmark, and I am sure these lettering fonts are not by him. Barker and many other card companies copied studio art styles and lettering done by Hallmark and American Greetings. The lettering in the fonts you have was developed by Alan Denney at Hallmark in the late 1950s. He also worked for American Greetings Hi Brows from 1960 – 1966 and then returned to Hallmark…. And he later went to a different lettering style when Shoe Box cards became Hallmark’s funny card line replacing Contemporary Cards. Alan retired from Hallmark in 1993 and died two years later. There will be much about him and other unknown greeting card artists in my book which I think will be published early 2003.”