CANTABILE began as a “modern,” Bodoni, or Didot style. I removed serifs and added balls along the lines of a sort of upright, swash italic. I was thinking Postmodern, but it’s more fun than that, vaguely musical. Hence the name, which has four syllables and is an Italian musical term for “singingly.”

Version 3.0: Now in 3 weights! For each weight, there is a companion font of alternate characters includes these f ligatures, and other alternate characters to create a more custom look.

Type one key and get a fancy custom f ligature.

Use these special combining characters with the dotless i or any x-height letter.

Each REGULAR font includes caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation, and international characters. The ALTERNATES fonts have certain special characters which replace ordinary characters as indicated above.


I love it when I see my fonts in action! Spotted this one in a bookstore in France

  Cantabile_lig2 Cantabile_lig1